I will be going back to school.

Ok, ok…maybe its just only for one day heh heh. But nonetheless, I am making some moves.

I signed up for a course at The New School¬†entitled “What I wish I would have known before starting my food business”, and im super dee duperrry excited! They cover everything from writing a business plan, to concepting your restaurant, to managing a staff and some other need-to-know basics that, well, I need to know about.

The class is June 19th, and it could not come any sooner.

Wish me luck! ūüėÄ


Bacon, Egg and Cheese on….none other than…a friggin Bacon, Egg and Cheese Bagel!!!!

A bagel baked with bits of bacon, egg and cheese inside it (Could I possibly say the words bacon, egg and cheese any more than I already have?)

Sound the alarms! This is genius. What better thing to eat while hungover. Bravo and a big kudos to The Bagel Store in Willy B. and a big up to one of my favorite sites, Urbandaddy.com who spilled the beans on this gastronomy breakthrough.





Where to find it:

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Bagel
at The Bagel Store
754 Metropolitan Ave
(at Graham Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

And its only my second post?!


shit shit shit shit.

im learning that this blogging stuff requires much more thought and dedication than my Facebook status updates. I mean for God’s sake my update today consisted of “making ground chicken and mushroom burgers” and yesterday’s said ¬†something about loving bum fights.

I sometimes wonder if my life is just a bunch of mindless brain farts punctuated with moments of lucidity.


yep. time for bed. -Jessica

Everyone is blogging.

I think the Chinese girl that works behind the counter at my deli blogs. Chances are my grandma even blogs, I mean she is on Facebook afterall.¬†I’m almost positive the Happy Cabby, only the best cab driver in NYC, has a blog as well. And with all of the things that happen to me on a daily basis living in the Big Apple, it’s only natural that I should be blogging too.

What do I expect to get from this blog. Not really sure. Perhaps it’ll be a theraputic release of fluid thoughts for me. Perhaps its just my nice way of giving my Facebook IM friends a break of having to endure my pointless rants about, well,¬†nothing. Perhaps its that I dont understand this whole Tweeting thing, and¬†the feelings of ¬†inadequacy are so strong, that I feel having a blog will help me, err…get with it? Or maybe its just my attempt to be like the Chinese girl at the deli (yeah, we’ll save my deep rooted desire to be Asian for another post).

Who knows what will come of this. But for now I’m just happy that pointles post #1, of who knows how many more, is completed.¬† I finally committed to something ::crowd roars:::.

Annnnnnd /rant.  -Jessica